Recreational cannabis essentially is the same as medical cannabis, yet it can be purchased for any adult over 21 without having a doctor’s recommendation. Recreational cannabis can be appreciated just like alcohol or tobacco, or it can still be used for different ailments like stress and depression without having to worry about acquiring a medical cannabis card. Fortunately, many more states have chosen to legalize the cannabis plant, so everybody is able to access this miraculous medicine that’s use goes back to ancient times.

Recreational Cannabis from Royal Greens

It’s honestly a beautiful thing that people love to use cannabis for the high brought by THC. You’re not only able to have a wonderful time and hang out with friends or boost creativity, but you’re actually medicating at the same time! In this sense, recreational cannabis is very different from alcohol, tobacco, and hard drugs. While alcohol actually causes damage to your liver and is not good for you, cannabis really is good for your body! We are delighted to see people enjoying something safe and healthy as an alternative to addictive drugs and alcohol.

Kick Back and Relax with Our Cannabis

Here at Royal Greens, we pride ourselves in having some of the finest cannabis products around. Thanks to our recreational laws, all responsible adults are able to enjoy these cannabis products to their heart’s content, and we’re certain that we will find the right products just for you! Our budtenders know about all the different effects provided by our different products whether you’re going for flower, tinctures, topicals, vapes or edibles, we have all your cannabis needs covered! If you’re in Mid City, La Brea, Crenshaw, Harvard Heights, Culver City, Korea Town, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Century City and Hollywood, CA, make sure to call us today to see what products we have available. You can also check our online menu to see an updated list of all our products and you can order online! We also offer cannabis delivery services, so make sure to take advantage of our delivery service!