At Royal Greens, we have a nice selection of cannabis edible candies, chocolates, drinks, and more. Sometimes, you just don’t feel like smoking or you want to be discreet with your cannabis use. That’s why our edibles are so wonderful, you get that perfect dose that you need without worrying about any odors or smoke. Our cannadips are quite popular as you can just dissolve them in your preferred drink and enjoy your cannabis product easily and discreetly without any delayed absorption. There are many good flavors to choose from too, and you may just want to try them all!

Delicious Edibles With a Great Kick

We have so many good edibles to choose from including gummies, hard candies, soda drinks, fruit chews, space gum, honey, cookies, and more! A lot of customers love our cannabis-infused honey as you can drizzle it over your preferred snacks and have the most pleasant buzz for hours. Also, we have a lot of fast-acting candies for those who don’t like to wait too long to feel medicated with our quality cannabis products. You may also want to try our edible mints, which not only give you the perfect buzz throughout the day but also give you refreshing breath!

Try Something New from Our Edibles Menu

You’re certain to enjoy yourself and have peace of mind when you try our edibles, so be sure to come get some today! Feel free to call our friendly budtenders at (323) 297-3224 or shoot us an email, and we’ll answer all your questions! You can always check our online menu also to see all the updated products we have, and don’t hesitate to make an online order! We also have cannabis delivery services covering Mid City, La Brea, Crenshaw, Harvard Heights, Culver City, Korea Town, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Century City and Hollywood, CA, and we will deliver your products in a timely fashion.